Ultra-authentic automotive scans

The automotive industry is facing major changes. Innovation in the sales process and exciting opportunities are transforming the industry. This also poses new demands on digital product development for online sales, gaming, and movie industry, as a digital collectible or to drive in the metaverse.

A combination of specially developed laser scan and photogrammetry techniques is applied to create future-ready high-detail, and high-fidelity 3D digital data assets.

With our industry-proven experience in digital adoption, we help you reshape your value chain to excel today and in the future. A digitized car or collection can be auctioned or sold alongside the physical car, used as NFTs, or utilized as a money-making feature in the metaverse.

Digitization helps the industry attract the attention of new audiences by showing up in the online space with impressive and functional visuals. Our digitized cars are ready to be plugged into any application, game, or movie.


Digital tools to enhance the Art & Culture Scene

Technologies like digitization and digital archiving have revolutionized the traditional art scene by allowing people to express their emotions and beliefs through interactive and highly engaging digital art pieces and projects and ensure they are preserved for future generations.

Digital transformation is using digital tools to enhance the art and culture ecosystem by providing audiences with innovative immersive experiences and availing new preservation methods for research and archival. 

Digitization supports existing experiences but does not replace them. It is profoundly changing our cultural experiences, not only in terms of new technology-based access, production, and dissemination, but also in terms of participation, creation, preservation, and contribution to a knowledge-based society. 


Digitization is helping the art and culture industry realize the potential of innovative digital applications for a more versatile and inclusive experience. 

It promotes accessibility to new audiences and public spaces creating new, additional, and incremental revenue streams.  

Going online can limit the risks of unexpected events like pandemics and scalable global crisis events/Having an online presence can strengthen your chances of survival in case of unexpected events like pandemics and scalable global crisis events.  

Opens up possibilities of being part of cross-cultural events and has positive environmental effects. 


While luxury is all about the physical touch, feel, and experience, digital is key to staying relevant and connecting to consumers today. The development in the industry encourages high-end brands to jump on the digital bandwagon.  

Digitization enables the luxury industry to exist in spaces beyond the physical world. Fashion shows take place virtually, and brands use fictional models or influencers to showcase their products. The digitalization of luxury brands digitalized the shopping experience for consumers. 


The digital world offers luxury items a sustainable alternative to the disposable culture perpetuated by fast fashion. Garments can exist solely in a digital space or metaverse rather than in a physical form. This approach avoids waste and offers consumers the chance to engage in the latest trends without damaging the environment. 

Help brands stay ahead of the competition and adapt to new ways of interaction.  

Promoting accessibility to new audiences and public spaces creating new, additional/incremental revenue streams.  

Limiting the risks due to unexpected and scalable global crisis events. 

Facilitate the extension of products into experiences in the digital world and maintain exclusivity in the digital age.  

Public Sector

The most resilient digital preservation solution

The Public Sector carries an important responsibility to ensure history, legal documents, and other valuable information live on for decades and centuries. This can be a difficult task with challenges such as digital obsolescence, multiple file formats, content duplication, both analogue and born-digital information and resource constraints.

Digital government transformation is the ongoing application of modern technology to improve government performance and secure the authenticity and longevity of information. Governments at all levels are undergoing digital transformation to deliver government services more efficiently and to secure the survival of critical information into the distant future.
The digitalization of public administration, archives, research, education, legal documents, and experiences is beneficial for citizens as well as organizations. The generations to come will only have access to the information that has been stored securely. We design preservation workflows, metadata criteria for information retrieval, integrate with existing applications and develop long-term archival strategies.


Digital transformation in media and entertainment

Digitalization is changing the way we perceive or understand the content available online. To cater to the expectations of today's digitally skilled content consumers, the entertainment sector is coming up with diverse strategies to provide the ultimate user experience and content experience.  

Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format. 

Digital transformation in the entertainment industry is about using new technologies to simplify, streamline content production as well as enhance consumer experiences.  It is also about converting the “jewels” of the entertainment world into a digital format and making sure they survive into the future. 

The media and entertainment industry is driven by technology. This includes everything from cutting-edge hyperrealistic environments, individual objects, and special effects developed for gaming and movies, and advertising.  

Lower production costs for movies and advertising by up to 85% and shortens production time.  

Opens a gateway to streaming media, virtual reality, NFT, and new delivery channels for news, music, and advertising. 

Meeting SCG goals – positive environment on the planet.